Cameron Lyden is an Athens based artist who received his MFA in Jewelry and Metalwork from the University of Georgia, and his BFA in Jewelry from Kent State University. 

Originally from Bay Village, Ohio, his work is inspired by dreary Midwestern winter landscapes paired with his love for ornate objects and tools.  He uses his work to construct a narrative for the viewer by creating fictional tools with ambiguous and fantastical functions.  It is his goal to offer the viewer an opportunity to feel a sense of childlike wonder as they explore the faux history of these objects.

Working predominantly in wood and brass, he utilizes traditional jewelry making techniques to adorn carved and fabricated wooden tool forms. He pairs faux weathering with moments of refined craft to create a balance between the extremes of the ornamented and dilapidated. He uses these techniques to create the illusion of previous use and to allude to the object’s false history.

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